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HCM City develops artificial intelligence

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This year, the Department of Information and Communications of HCM City will develop artificial intelligence applications in many sectors, such as public administration, transport, healthcare, banking and industries.


In the coming time, the city's department will expand and complete the city's database as part of its effort to become a smart city with e-government, e-enterprises and an electronic society by 2025

Under the plan, a database of all sectors, ranging from housing, transport and environment to healthcare, will share data among all the city’s administrative departments.

The city will also focus on developing AI technologies and improving human resources by using AI in education and training and enhancing academic connections with foreign AI professionals.

The development of AI technology and supply of tools serving digital transformation aims to save costs, ensure security and safety in the fields of transport, agriculture, science and healthcare, among others.

The city will also expand the 3G, 4G covered in the city.

At the same time, the department implemented a program to provide smartphones with Internet connection for 58,000  poor, near-poor households in the city.

The city also encourages an increase in the number of start-ups, small and medium enterprises and increases total investment in artificial intelligence.

In addition, businesses are being encouraged to deploy the application of artificial intelligence in digital transformation to promote internal strengths and increase competitiveness.

The city focuses on building products and applying artificial intelligence with practical value, building Ho Chi Minh City into the centre of Vietnam and the region for research, development, and transfer of applications in artificial intelligence.


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