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Wednesday, 29/11/2023


FPT Techday 2023 officially kicks off

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 The 2023 edition of FPT Techday with the theme "35 years of Creating Happiness" takes place from October 24 and 25.

 FPT Techday 2023 has officially kicked off on Tuesday (October 24) in Hà Nội. The event is an annual technology forum held in Việt Nam, focusing on chip technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The 2023 edition of FPT Techday with the theme "35 years of Creating Happiness" takes place from October 24 to 25.

The event is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors, including more than 2,500 technology experts, digital transformation experts and business owners from various countries around the world.

FPT group, the organiser of FPT Techday 2023, aimed to showcase its position and national reputation on the global digital map through the event. It provided a platform for the global technology community to come together and introduced international initiatives and AI solutions that are shaping the future.

During the event, FPT group presented a series of business and technology strategies to meet the needs of its global customers and enhance its service capabilities for its existing customer base of more than 50 million. One of the notable announcements was the launch of Happy Club, a membership ecosystem based on the digital platform 5.0 - DC5, which was researched and developed by FPT group itself.

In addition to FPT's activities, 11 international partners of FPT, including Schaeffler, Konica, AFLAC, SC Ventures, Olympus and Landing AI, showcased their platforms and technology products resulting from collaborations and research and development efforts with FPT. These achievements highlighted FPT's global technological endeavours and solidified its position in the international tech landscape. FPT also signed several memorandums of understanding with global companies to further its international technology leadership.

One significant partnership announced at FPT Techday was the collaboration between FPT and Landing AI. Landing AI is a leading American software company specialising in computer vision and AI, founded by Andrew Ng, a renowned figure in the field of AI and co-founder of Coursera. FPT and Landing AI signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop business and human resources in the field of AI. This collaboration is expected to contribute to the advancement of AI in Việt Nam, the United States and worldwide. 

FPT chairman Truong Gia Binh delivers a speech at the event. — Photo courtesy of FPT

FPT Group signed a memorandum of understanding with Toppan Group regarding the licensing and cross-selling of Metaverse-related technology. This partnership aimed to promote joint sales targeting Japanese corporate customers and to explore potential cooperation in games and entertainment in Asia. Another strategic cooperation was established between FPT Information System, a member company of FPT Group, and TradeWaltz, Japan's leading trade platform. The collaboration aimed to enhance international trade between Việt Nam and Japan.

FPT Techday 2023 showcased FPT's technological achievements, international partnerships, and its commitment to driving innovation and digital transformation in Việt Nam and globally.


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