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Thursday, 24/06/2021


Coc Coc named Vietnam’s second largest browser

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Coc Coc browser and search engine developed by the Hanoi-based technology company of the same name has attracted 25 million users, becoming the second largest in the Vietnamese market.


Accordingly, the browser and search engine earn a market share of nearly 18 percent and 6.52 percent. It is also the fourth popular mobile internet browser with 13 million times of download in iOS and Android operating systems.
Notably, Coc Coc served an additional 4 million mobile users in 2020, raising its market share by 1.5-fold to 2.7 percent against the previous year.
The app has met strict regulations to become among default browsers on AppStore and CHPlay digital distribution platforms.
This year, Coc Coc posted 235 billion VND (10.18 million USD) in revenue, a year-on-year increase of 13 percent, with pre-tax profit estimated at 30 billion VND. It was officially launched in April 2013./.


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