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Wednesday, 29/11/2023


Communications programming platform Stringee launched

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 The Ministry of Information and Communications launched a communications programming platform called Stringee on July 31 in Hanoi.


 The communications platform-related comprehensive technology solution allows businesses to communicate with customers on mobile phone apps or websites without the use of another app such as Zalo, Skype, or Messenger. Businesses also need not invest in building software with communications features.

Stringee is among other Made-in-Vietnam digital platforms selected by the ministry with the aim of promoting comprehensive and wide-ranging digital transformation in terms of economy and society, contributing substantially to realising goals in the National Digital Transformation Programme.
According to Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Hung, Stringee is the only platform in Vietnam that can provide full infrastructure and features similar to solutions from foreign countries.
The platform currently provides about 2.2 million minutes of calls a day to some 45 million users nationwide.
In the context of the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are accelerating digital transformation efforts in order to cut costs and maintain operations to survive and recover, Hung said.
He called on Vietnamese digital businesses to fully tap into opportunities and develop more digital platforms serving comprehensive digital transformation in different fields.
The formation of communications platforms in general and Stringee in particular is expected to drive Vietnamese businesses to improve the quality of their customer care and competitiveness./.


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