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Sunday, 02/04/2023


Over 10,000 books offered to readers in online book fair

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 The 2020 National Online Book Fair, which takes place at, has offered more than 10,000 books to readers through 6,000 orders, the organisers have said.


With the event having reached its halfway mark on May 15, nearly 2 million views and 200,000 visit have been recorded by the online book fair.

To give readers more time to access books from over 50 publishers at a low cost, the organisers have decided to extend the event for additional 20 days, instead of ending it on May 20 as initially planned.

This year's event is expected to bring good books at low cost to readers nationwide, especially those in remote areas, through a 25% discount on the books offered by units participating at the fair.
Special guests including famous officials, businesspeople and writers have joined discussions to interact with readers and spread the love for books, while also offering recommendations on good books at the event.
The organisers plan to launch advanced interactive technologies developed by Vitranet24 to facilitate interaction among readers and create an interesting online playground, such as a virtual fairy offering notices for readers, rankings honouring readers who buy a lot of books and online seminars to help readers interact more easily with the event’s guests and idols.
The organising committee also announced that the past two weeks have witnessed a positive signal with the books being discounted by up to 25% off the cover price and shipped to readers free of charge.
Thanks to the cooperation from more than 50 publishers, in the past two weeks alone, nearly 15,000 books have been providing reading opportunities for all readers. The carefully selected books will continue to be supplemented in the immediate future.
According to the organisers, 51% of the total readers accessing the online bookstore and 50% of the book orders come from provinces other than Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This proves that the book fair this year has great meaning, especially for readers in remote and isolated areas where there are shortages of books or difficulties in accessing good books or diverse sources of books compared to in big cities.


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