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Thursday, 01/10/2020


Telecom group launches 5G technology in Myanmar

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 The telecom group Viettel has launched the fifth generation (5G) technology in Myanmar.


 From this month, customers of Mytel (Viettel’s brand in Myanmar) are able to experience 5G services.

Mytel is the first operator to launch the 5G technology in the country.

At the launching ceremony in Yangon on August 5, customers had an opportunity to experience 4K VR and Video technology over 5G network.

Earlier on July 31, Mytel successfully conducted a 5G technical test on C band (3.5 GHz) with the connection speed of up to 1.6Gbps, far exceeding the 4G network limit of only 150 Mbps.

Along with this success of Mytel, the telecom giant has become the first operator to launch 5G technology in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.


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