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Vietnam suffers the most offline cyber attacks in all Southeast Asia

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 Vietnam suffered the most offline cyber attacks in all of Southeast Asia and the 30th most in the world in the second quarter of this year.


 Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Security recently revealed that by the end of this year’s second quarter, the company discovered more than 99 million offline attacks and 19 million online threats, a significant decrease compared to the same period last year.

Attacks through browsers are most commonly used by cyber criminals to spread malicious code. In April-June, Kaspersky detected more than 19 million incidents, equivalent to 27.7 per cent of users in Vietnam being attacked by internet threats. The number of online threats fell by 36.84 per cent from the same period last year.
However, Kaspersky detected more than 99 million offline incidents in Vietnam, corresponding to 59.9 per cent of users being attacked offline. Offline attacks are when malicious code spreads via USB, CD, DVD and other offline methods.
Yeo Siang Tiong, general director of Kaspersky in Southeast Asia, said the number of both online and offline attacks in Vietnam in the second quarter of the year reduced, largely thanks to the attention of the Government to network security.
Despite this success, local companies and organisations should improve people’s awareness on network attacks through courses on network security, he added.
Data from Kaspersky showed Singapore was the country with the lowest number of online and offline threats in the region in second quarter of the year at 1.3 million and 2.1 million respectively.
Kaspersky suggested that users carefully check links before accessing websites to be safe online.
Users should only register into safe links and avoid logging into internet banking or online financial services through public wifi. 


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