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739 cyber attacks detected in Vietnam in May

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 As many as 739 cyber attacks were detected by the monitoring and warning system of the Vietnam Computer Emergency Rescue Team (VCERT) in May, the team reported on June 14.


The attacks, including 289 Phishing cases, 425 Deface cases, and 25 Malware, affected seven websites and with the domain name ".gov”.

The centre said five types of attacks used by most hackers in May 2019 include information gathering attacks; information security policy violation; privilege escalation attack; denial-of-service attack; and attacks related to malicious code.
The Authority of Information Security of the MoIC said in the cyberspace, there are many websites of Vietnam, including those using foreign server services, that have been attacked.
Hackers of ten take advantage of these pages to cause insecure information such as distributing spam; denial-of-service attacks; installing and distributing malicious codes; among others.
In order to raise awareness of ensuring network information security, the VCERT has given warnings, required troubleshooting and supported troubleshooting for State administrative agencies and units.
In May, the team discovered and sent 28 alert emails to request for existing troubleshooting, and supported troubleshooting for those that required.


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