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National Press Awards to honour 106 outstanding works

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 As many as 106 excellent works by journalists nationwide have won the 13th National Press Awards 2018, announced the jury council in Hanoi on June 1.


Accordingly, among the 147 submissions for the final phase, seven journalism pieces have claimed the A prize, 23 works received the B prize, 42 works got the C prize, and 34 works were given the consolation prize.

These are typical works in terms of both content and format with strong impact on public opinion. Many of them show good social impacts, winning high appreciation in public opinion concerning the press’s role in investigation, giving praise, and constructive criticism.
All the prize winners have met the criteria of the awards, such as closely following the political tasks of the country, sectors and localities; faithfully reflecting the country’s political, economic, cultural, social, defence, security and foreign affair aspects, as well as the implementation of the Party and State resolutions and directives in 2018; criticising and combating negative acts, corruption, and wrong views of hostile forces; and informing on the important international events in an accurate and timely fashion.
This year saw the participation of 120 journalists’ associations and 222 coordinators, and is the second consecutive year that the organising committee has received entries from all 63 provincial journalists’ associations.
The awards ceremony is scheduled to be held in Hanoi on June 21, marking the 94th anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day.


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