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Bphone 3 officially launched

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Leading Vietnamese anti-virus provider BKAV released two new smartphones on October 10 - Bphone 3 and Bphone 3 Pro - both featuring the best anti-virus and anti-spam features.


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“The Bphone 3 is the only smartphone in the world with a screen designed to overflow,” BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang told the launch. 
“This was a major challenge for our design team and manufacturers. It is a simple design with a thin 2.25mm and a Stacking Marco camera that allows photos to be taken with different focuses. The Nature Bokeh Dual Pixel is a special technology of Bphone, which is able to delete naturally and have deep backgrounds.”
He also introduced the security features in the new Bphone. Users can locate the smartphone, order a snapshot, and define the scene. It is also possible to issue remote locking commands. BKAV also integrates security software into the core of the phone, helping to protect the device.
Mr. Thieu Phuong Nam, CEO of Qualcomm Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, is amazed at BKAV’s ability to deliver innovative products and technologies comparable to those of other companies around the world. 
“I am very proud to see the Bphone 3 launched today, which is on par with other smartphones around the world,” he said at the launch ceremony.
Two Bphone versions have already been launched - Bphone 1 and Bphone 2 - with a mission of conquering Vietnamese consumers. Some 12,000 units have been sold.
The Bphone 3 will be available in 300 outlets nationwide and via its official website from October 19, priced at VND6.9 million ($295), while the Bphone 3 Pro is priced at VND9.9 million ($425), putting them both in the mid-high segment.

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