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Wednesday, 01/04/2020


Total documents 10

Number Office Forms document Field Descriptions Issue date
1378/QĐ-TTg Government Decision Press - Publishing, Others sectors, Guidelines Approving the master plan on the network of overseas representative offices of Vietnamese news and press agencies through 2020 12/08/2013
10 /2013/TTLT-BTTTT-BQP-BCA MIC Circular Others sectors, Guidelines Instruction on mechanism of coordinating in processing hazardous jams among radio stations serving national defense, security and socio-economics purposes 09/05/2013
36/2012/ND-CP Government Decree Others sectors, Guidelines Decree No. 36/2012/ND-CP dated April 18, 2012 of the Government defining the functions, tasks and organizational structures of ministries and ministerial-level agencies 18/04/2012
11/2009/ND-CP Government Decree Press - Publishing, Guidelines Decree No. 11/2009/ND-CP dated February 10,2009 of the Government amending and supplementing the Government"s Decree No. 111/2005/ND-CP dated August 26, 2005, detailing and guiding a number of Articles of the Publication Law 10/02/2009
64/2007/ND-CP Government Decree Telecommunications - Internet - Radio Frequency, Information Technology, Organization Structure, Others sectors, Guidelines On Information Technology application in state agencies" operation 10/04/2007
28/2006/QD-BTC Ministrial Level Decision Telecommunications - Internet - Radio Frequency, Guidelines Decision No. 28/2006/QD-BTC dated May 05, 2006 of the Ministry of Finance amending and supplementing the Finance Minister’s Decision No. 28/2005/QD-BTC dated May 13, 2005, promulgating the table of charges and fees for grant and management of internet domain names and addresses in Vietnam 05/05/2006
30/2006/TT-BVHTT Ministrial Level Circular Press - Publishing, Guidelines Circular No. 30/2006/TT-BVHTT dated February 22, 2006 of the Ministry of Culture and Information guiding the implementation of the Government"s Decree No. 111/2005/QD-CP dated August 26, 2005, detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on publication 22/02/2006
06/2006/QD-TTg Government Decision Posts and Delivery, Telecommunications - Internet - Radio Frequency, Organization Structure, Guidelines DECISION OF THE PRIME MINISTER On forming the parent company – Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group 09/01/2006
71/2004/QD-BCA(A11) Ministrial Level Decision Telecommunications - Internet - Radio Frequency, Guidelines Decision No. 71/2004/QD-BCA(A11) dated January 29, 2004 of the Ministry of Public Security promulgating the regulation on ensuring safety and security in activities of managing, providing and using Internet services in Vietnam 29/01/2004
35/2002/QD-TTg Government Decision Others sectors, Guidelines Decision No. 35/2002/QD-TTg dated March 12, 2002 of the Prime Minister on the Government"s program of action for implementation of the Vietnam-US trade agreement 12/03/2002