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Sunday, 24/06/2018


Deputy Minister Hoang Vinh Bao receives General Director of CJ CGV Vietnam

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On April 11, Deputy Minister Hoang Vinh Bao met with Mr. Dongwon Kwak, General Director of CJ CGV Vietnam.



At the reception, General Director Dongwon Kwak said that as the owner of the largest cinema group in Vietnam, CJ CGV wished to contribute to the development of Vietnam cinema. Vietnam has the potential to have a thriving cinema industry with a population twice as the size of Korea's population, strength in human resources and cinema talents. Currently CJ CGV is trying to find the best methods and strategies to maximize human and other resources to develop the Vietnam cinema.
Mr. Dongwon Kwak shared CJ CGV's experience in the field of cinema. In Vietnam, CJ CGV is currently investing in three main areas, including the movie theaters in many provinces, importing films and maximizing local resources. As the owner of the cinema system, CJ CGV has created a platform for Vietnamese filmmakers to showcase Vietnamese films in high quality theaters to reach audiences more effectively.
Deputy Minister Hoang Vinh Bao expressed his appreciation for the development of CJ CGV Vietnam, especially the contribution of CJ CGV to the development of Vietnam cinema. He noted that CGV has had some successes in the Vietnamese film market.
At the same time, the Deputy Minister hoped that CGV would continue to support the development of Vietnam cinema in the coming time.


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